uSEFUL home organizing tips


  • Seasonal cleaning out is very important. This includes holiday decorations and seasonal clothing.  About 2 weeks before each season is due to arrive, start sorting through your stuff and decide if you still want to use it or discard it OR right after the season is over ask yourself, "did I use what I have"?  If you haven't perhaps it's time to get rid of it.   
  • Every evening before you go to bed spend a little time clearing off your desk or work space.  When it becomes a habit you will do it without thinking.  The more you do this, it cuts down on how long it takes each night.
  • Once a week (or more often depending on your habits) take time to clear out your purse.  You may have important receipts, etc. that need to be filed away for access at a later date.  
  • Put your receipts in a central location every day.  Then at a  later time you can file them away in a designated place that has been set up. Don't leave them all over the house, you'll never find them.
  • Open your mail standing near the trash can.  That way you can immediately toss the junk mail instead of letting it pile up on your counters. 
  • There is such a thing as "computer" clutter too.  So before you log off your computer at the end of your day, take a moment to review your inbox of emails and decide whether to delete or organize into folders for future reference.
  • For time organization, lists and calendars are your best friend. Whether you write important dates/lists down or input them into your devices, just be sure to do it.  This will help to reduce stress and ensure that you can fit in the important things you need to do each day.  

These tips are part of home organization services provided by

ORGANEYEZED.  If you try to implement any and/or all of these tips you will see how easily clutter can be controlled.