asked Questions

  • How do you determine the price of home organization services?  The price is determined by the size of the project and how long it will take.  Most of ORGANEYEZED's pricing is per hour with some exceptions.  Consider the following- it could be more than a cleaning lady, less than a psychologist.  A Professional Organizer is often expected to do some of both.  Think of what disorganization is already costing you.  If you take the time to finally get organized, you will conquer the problem once and for all.  Let me perform a free home assessment of your project to determine your individual costs.


  • How do I find time to get organized if I'm already so busy?  Have you heard the expression "Take time to make time"? Organizing is a course of action that does take time but it is time well spent.  Remember one of the reasons you may be so busy is that you use your time inefficiently- because you are disorganized.  With some of my busier clients I do pre-sorting (with out the client) of items so then you can come after and make decisions faster on your stuff.  The client makes the final decision.  This makes the whole process go faster.


  • How do I stay organized after ORGANEYEZED has left?  It will take commitment and consistency, on your part, to maintain the space and behavior that have been put in place and taught.  Consider this- getting organized is only the beginning- remaining organized is an ongoing process. It will become easier because the systems we create together will be geared to your specific needs and style.  When the job is done you will have a firm understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to continue doing it.  Furthermore, ORGANEYEZED offers ongoing maintenance plans if needed. 


  • What is NAPO?  It is the nationally recognized organization for Professional Organizers.  There is also a local GEORGIA chapter of which I am a member of as well.  NAPO provides continuing guidance and support to Organizers.  I deem it necessary and beneficial for any organizer to be a member.