First, let me tell you a few personal things about my myself.  I am a Georgia native and I grew up on the west side of town.  I am married and the mother of two daughters.  I started my Professional Career in the Mortgage Industry but was forced to change careers in the late 80s due to rising interest rates.  I went into the Legal field next.  I worked as a Legal Secretary for 9 years with 1 to 3 attorneys at a time.  I did this until I had my first child.  

During these years of managing a career, it became obvious that I had a "special talent" for organizing anything.  Fellow colleagues would seek my help to organize their work space.  At the same time most of family and friends would utilize my skills for their homes.  I was more than happy to help out.  I have also aided many to move out and move into their new homes to ensure an easy transition.  

I started home organizing in Alpharetta in 2007 and it was the best decision for a career that I have ever made.  I find the organizing business to be very rewarding and tremendously fulfilling.  It is gratifying to come into people's lives, give them happiness and minimize their stress by bringing order to their homes.  I encourage with home organizing tips.  I have strict work ethics which include 100% confidentiality and understanding with each and every client.  I feel an organized atmosphere creates harmony in one's life.  It calms and empowers you.

It is my goal that all my clients ultimately feel this way when the job is DONE. 

ABOUT the organizer